Baxter Black on Big Sky Boots

Montana is one of those places like Alaska where the people should be

bigger.  Maybe 12 feet tall, to fit the country.   That way places would

seem closer together.


The branch of the Montana family that I know best is the livestock

raisers.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all quite

durable.  When they order a Montana cowboy from the dealer it is usually

with the heavy duty package; a one ton, maybe three-quarters with heavy

duty drive-train, undercarriage, shocks, mud and snow tires, 4-wheel

drive, of course, pre-dented, a shovel, bedroll and a deer guard bumper

that weighs as much as the cow-catcher on a Burlington Northern locomotive.


When you look at the pictures in the book, you can tell the characters

are solid as a corner post.  I didn’t see a one of them that you

couldn’t wrap a wire around and pull tight against.

What shows through the book is how this hardy breed of pioneers fits

perfectly into their own part of the planet.  They inhabit the land, the

cattle, the wildlife and the weather, like a big buck rules hos own

territory.  They aren’t goin’ somewhere, they’re home.


Baxter Black – Aug. 14, 2012


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